Best of the Bay"BOB", OctoberOct 7th, 2017

Ride Tips

Ride Tips

Best roads and views

  • Panoramas of the Bay and the bridges: Grizzly Peak Blvd - The views on the flat part (miles 15-20) are both better and safer than on the descent.
  • Wildcat Canyon, after you turn off Grizzly Peak Blvd. - This is a wonderful cycling road and you experience the sunrise as you ride Wildcat Canyon Road.
  • Norris Canyon - Just a very enjoyable back road.
  • Mt. Diablo - The entire time you are on the mountain!
  • Bollinger Canyon - Home to a huge flock of turkeys (50-75 birds), and a few ostriches and zebras.
  • Calaveras Road - Renowned for its test of your technical riding skills.

Momentum Conservation Opportunities

  • Initial northbound descent on Redwood Road, along the golf course.
  • Bottom of the first long northbound descent on Redwood Road.
  • Two places on the northbound lower Pinehurst descent, where it levels and straightens.
  • The first two miles of the Wildcat Road descent - right after Inspiration Point in Tilden Park.
  • The Norris Canyon descent.
  • Blackhawk Road - North and west along the golf course and after the saddleback bump.
  • Bottom of the last northbound Calaveras descent from false summit.
  • Vineyard, southeast from Pleasanton into Livermore, after the short steep descent (it is rare for the traffic light to be red).

On a double century you need to maximize your speed but also conserve your energy. The most important concept is to remain constantly aware that every time you slow down or come to a stop, you then must expend a lot of energy to get back up to speed. In addition, there are certain road situations that you can use to good advantage to achieve greater speed with less energy. When a rider harnesses gravity to increase  speed, they utilize the established momentum to maintain a higher than normal speed until the momentum is expended. The best example in which to use this technique is on a steep downhill followed by a long straight stretch of just one or two percent downhill, or followed by a level road, or even a very short uphill. With a little extra effort, one can build speed on the downhill. Instead of coasting or slowing on the straight stretch shifting into a higher gear and pedaling with moderate pressure, will allow one to maintain a greater speed for a longer distance. The positive results gained by employing this technique vary according to weight, strength, wind, and road surface but, in general, can save significant effort over the entire ride by being aware of momentum and using it whenever possible.

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